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Uses for Pure Cappings Beeswax
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Save your left over beeswax candle pieces or purchase any of our Pheylonian Beeswax solid blocks or Phillin's which can be used for a wide variety of hobby, craft or household purposes. Here are a few ideas. Perhaps you have a special use of your own which you would like to share with others ~ let us know ~ we will post your information.

Pure beeswax has been used for household, hobby and professional reasons since the beginning of time.

Crafts of many types Ukrainian Easter Eggs, batik, caustic painting, tying flies for fishing, carpentry, lip balms and salves, waterproofing, strengthening sewing thread, wood finishing and preserving, etc.

Candle Extender ~ all Pheylonian Beeswax Candles love to be "fed". This will extend their burning time. Use leftover beeswax pieces from an old candle, Phillin's or shavings from a fresh beeswax block. Add pieces into the liquid pool as the wax burns down rather than folding in the sides. For more info go to How to Feed a Candle.

Thread Strengthener ~ anyone that does quilting knows about the benefits of beeswax as a strengthener for thread, just like Grandma used to do. Thread your needle and then simply run sewing thread through the side edge of the wax two or three times. This not only strengthens and waterproofs the thread, but makes it less likely to knot up and get tangled while sewing. Pheylonian Waxems were created specifically for this use and are ideal for any craft or sewing box.

Carpenter's Assistant ~ when working with hard woods, liquefy the beeswax and then dip your screws in the wax and they will go into the wood far easier.

Emergency Candle ~ there is a wee bit of wick in each Pheylonian Waxem package in case you find yourself in need of an emergency candle. Using a pair of pliers, hold a small nail and heat it over a flame. When hot, burn a hole through the center top of the waxem. Insert a piece of wicking leaving a 1/4 of wick on top and press the wick into the bottom to seal the wick in place. Ideally, place in a small receptacle or cup before lighting to contain the wax as it liquefies.

Culinary Uses~ there are many such as in chocolate, but the two most popular are:

1 - Shortbread Cookies - A traditional German way of cooking shortbread is to heat up the cookie tray in the oven and gently grease the pan by passing it quickly over the hot tray to leave a thin layer of wax. The cookies are then placed on the tray and baked as usual. This gives a whiff of beeswax essence as the cookies bake, leaving a sheen of wax on the bottom of the cookie. Try it and do enjoy.

2 - Barbecue Preparation - This method makes it easier to clean and keep your barbecue clean. Clean your barbecue very well to start with. Heat the grates moderately, turn off the flames and gently pass the bar of beeswax over the grates leaving a light coating. Turn burners back on and proceed to cook, after which, the grates should wipe clean easily while they are still hot.

How to Melt Beeswax

Double Boil Melting Method
~ place the appropriate volume of wax in a small to medium size can or metal container. Place the metal container in a small saucepan with water to act as a double boiler ~ slowly heat until the wax is liquid.

Healing Salves, Creams, Ointments and Balms

Use pure beeswax as a base for a wide variety of health care products used on the skin and external body parts. Great for humans and animals. Pure beeswax is all natural, non-toxic and non-allergenic making it the perfect base for healing products.

For each of the following recipes, you may use almond oil, apricot kernel oil, light olive or vegetable oil or a combination of. Combine all ingredients in a small can or pot and follow the appropriate method. When liquefied, remove from heat, cool slightly and pour into desired receptacle with a lid.

Lip Balm
1 tbls. beeswax (10g) 4 tbls. Oil
1/8 tsp calendula Oil (opt) 1 tsp vitamin E Oil
2-3 drops of essential oil (peppermint, orange, etc)

Chest Salve
2 tbls. Beeswax (20g) 1/3 c oil
tsp. Eucalyptus Oil tsp. Camphor Oil
~ apply to chest or under nostrils

Healing Ointment
2 tbls. Beeswax (20g) c. Oil
1 tbls Vitamin E Oil 1 tbls. Jojoba Oil
tsp. goldenseal pwd. tsp. myrhh pwd.
~ allow mixture to remain in the water bath for 10 - 15 minutes to allow the mixture to brew.
~ apply to cleaned cuts, wounds, burns or dry skin.

Special Note: These mixtures are designed for external use only.